K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

The Leader of Human Resource Solutions

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About Us


K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a leader of human resource solutions with a national presence in Sri Lanka. It is founded in 2017. We efficiently provide HR solutions that meet the demands of our clients from 2019.

Any organization that wants to expand, needs to identify and hire the right expertise. However, hiring the right talent is a challenging aspect for many companies. At K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we bridge the talent gap and connect organizations with the right employees. We guide and provide recruitment solutions and HR services to some of the largest companies in Sri Lanka.

Combined with recruitment services, our core values of integrity, collaboration and responsibility add to our excellence. We are not just about the number of services we provide, but also the quality of services rendered. This combination gives our clientele a streamlined and simple process that delivers.

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How It Works


In order to apply for the job, all you have to do is email your CV and other details to careers@klankasolutions.lk and leave the rest to us.

As soon as you have submitted your CV and other details, our team will assess your capabilities and skill sets and try to match it with the opportunities that comprises of multiple sectors that we specialize in. Once your profile matches our requirements, we will contact you before moving forward and sharing your details with the potential recruiter. If you wish to go forward with the hiring process, the required procedures will be conducted accordingly and you will be notified about the same. In case you have any query before going ahead with the hiring process, you can get in touch with our consultants who will help you out. At K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we ensure that the job seekers, as well as the job providers, are delivered with the perfect solution for all their job related needs.

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If you are looking for right expert to fill your vacancies, send your job profile to vacancies@klankasolutions.lk and we will deliver the right candidates for your business.

Your business can run effectively if you have the competent manpower to handle all the operations. Hence, it is important for business to identify employees with varied specialized skills for all department. Therefore, getting the right candidate becomes a challenge for your business. At K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we look after your end to end manpower requirements. Our primary goal is to provide the best talent to our clients. When you submit your job profile, we understand the job vacancy you are trying to fill and the professional required. This is key for us to pick the right candidate for you. We scrutinize and select the best candidates for you from our extensive list of candidates available.

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Areas of Expertise


Hiring candidates for information technology businesses is one of our core areas. We understand the ever changing demands in the information technology industry and therefore, our specialized team of HR professionals is very specific when it comes to choosing the right talent for you. Provide us information on the kind of talent that you are looking for ...

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Are you looking for a general administrator for your business organization? You have come to the correct place. K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is constantly involved in hiring candidates in this sector for different types of business organizations throughout the country. An administrator is crucial for the day-to-day operations of your business and we offer ...

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If you have frequently experienced difficulties in finding the right candidate for customer support, then your search ends with us. At K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we have the special expertise to cater to recruitments needs of the customer support sector. We assure you that you will get the employees as per the specific job requirements and in the least ...

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Whether you are looking for a social media executive, a digital marketer or a brand manager for your business, you will discover that we cater to all kind of jobs in the marketing. The candidates will fit your the required role, whether offline or online marketing. Our pool of candidates ranges from industry freshers to marketing veterans. We understand ...

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We can help multiple companies in hiring thousands of individuals in the sales category. In order to increase the sales for your business, you need to have individuals who are able to work as a team, deal with customers and most importantly, get you sales. Taking these considerations into account, we have a comprehensive list of candidates that you can ...

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There is always a demand for skilled bankers, bank managers and other bank staff in the financial and banking sector. The K Lanka Solutions (Pvt) Ltd team is knowledgeable and understands the recruitment needs of banks and financial institutions. We can help you hire talented individuals who will strengthen your business organization.

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